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Please refrain from using this from, or associated contact information, for sales or solicitation.Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

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Please check the following items before sending an inquiry.

  • The contents of consultations and personal information from customers are treated confidentially. Please see our "Personal information Protection Policy" as to the handling of personal information on this web site.
    Personal Information Protection Policy
  • E-mail replies from our company are only intended for the specific customer who sent us the inquiry. Please do not use a reply e-mail in part or in full for any purpose other than the intended purpose, such as reprinting it or other secondary use.
  • We will handle the inquiries received on weekends, holidays, or our non-business days in the order in which they were received from the following business day.
  • Please note in advance that there are times at which we handle the inquiries received after 3 p.m. following business day in the order in which they were received.
  • Furthermore, please understand that the contents of some inquiries may not be able to be answered, or may take a long time depending on the nature of the inquiry.
    Also, there are cases in which answer will be made by a phone call or a letter rather than an e-mail.
  • There are also cases in which we cannot reply to the customer, such as when the e-mail address provided by the customer is incorrect due to a typing error or when there is system trouble. Please understand in advance.

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