Request Guide for the Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

Disclosure Request Guide

Specification the Personal Data Possessed that is the Subject of Your Disclosure Request

When requesting the disclosure, please specify the personal data possessed that is the subject of the disclosure request. In addition, please note that the following cases are subject to non-disclosure. When non-disclosure is the result, the fact of and reason for non-disclosure will be reported. Please note that the specified service fee is required even in case of non-disclosure.

  1. When the identity of an applicant cannot be confirmed due to an incorrectly registered address or name.
  2. When the right of a representative to function as an agent cannot be established.
  3. When the subject for disclosure is information scheduled to be deleted within six months from its acquisition.
  4. When an applicant for data disclosure or a third person may face the possibility of harm to their life, body, property, or other rights or profit.
  5. When there is a possibility of the disclosure resulting in a disturbance in the execution of the proper business operations of our company.
  6. When the disclosure causes infringements of other laws and regulations.

Applicable Parameters of Retained Personal Data Subject to Disclosure Requests

Within the personal data possessed, the applicable parameters of a disclosure request is limited to the personal data that is collected and currently possessed by our company and the data included in the personal data possessed such as the address, name, and use purpose of our company, etc.

Disclosure Request

When requesting the disclosure, please take note in advance that presenting identification may be required to confirm that the applicant is requesting disclosure of their own personal data.
When requesting the disclosure, send the required documents to the address below, by registered mail enclosing our specified application form and the service fee.
In addition, please note that we do not accept direct requests by visiting our company.

501 Tokugawa 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, 461-8650, Japan
Hoyu Co., Ltd. "Contact center for inquiry on personal data"

Documents to be submitted upon request for disclosure

When the principal person requests the disclosure of their own personal data

Fill in the following; "a. Hoyu application form," sign it and stamp it with your seal, enclose "b. Documents necessary for identity confirmation." Submit them to our "Contact center for personal data inquiries" as described in the preceding section by registered mail.

  • * Only our specified application form is accepted. Please note in advance that any other format cannot be accepted.
  • * Please note in advance that the documents submitted for disclosure requests (including identity confirmation documents) cannot be returned.
  • * The submitted documents (including identity confirmation documents) for disclosure requests are held for six months after prossessing the personal data and then are discarded.
  • a. Hoyu application form
    Personal Information Disclosure Request (Japanese only) (513 KB)
  • b. Documents necessary for identity confirmation

    Enclose a copy of one of following documents.

    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • Extract of the family register (only requiring items such as the name and address and must not be over three months old)
    • Copy of residence certificate (only requiring items such as the name and address and must not be over three months old)
    • Health insurance card
    • Pension handbook

* In case the document shows the permanent legal address, please cover the corresponding section with a piece of paper or such before making a copy.

Request of disclosure by a representative

When a representative requests a disclosure, enclose the following documents in addition to "a. Hoyu application form" and "b. Documents necessary for identity confirmation" as described in the preceding section.

  1. In the case of a legal representative
    • c. A document that confirms the right of legal representation
      (copy of family register, guardianship registration, copy of health insurance card that has names of dependent family members in case of a person with parental authority) (1 copy)
    • d. A document that confirms the legal representative of the underage person or adult ward
      (driver’s license of legal representative, copy of a public document such as a passport) (1 copy)
  2. In the case of a privately appointed legal representative
    • e. An authorization letter with a registered seal of a person subject for data disclosure related to the disclosure of personal data (1 copy)
    • f. A seal registration certificate of the seal put on the authorization letter (not be over three months old) (1 copy)

The Service Fee for the Disclosure Request and a Payment Method

  • Service Fee: 500 yen (tax included) per personal data possessed
  • Payment Method: Enclose a postal money order for the amount of the service fee with the application documents.

* Costs required for acquisition of certificates to be submitted to our company, for postal mail, communication, transportation, and other actual costs are to be borne by the customer.

Response Method to the Request for Disclosure

We will reply to the address written on the application form in writing by means of registered mail.
However, in the case of a request from a privately appointed legal representative, the document is sent to the address of the actual applicant subject of the disclosure in writing by means of registered mail.
Please note in advance that some delays may occur in the response due to operating conditions of our company such as an administrative back log of the counter handling the documents.

The Purpose for Usage of Personal Data Acquired Regarding the Disclosure Request

The personal information submitted for the disclosure request is handled only within parameters of contacting the actual applicant subject to the data disclosure and in responding to the disclosure request.
The identity confirmation documents and personal data are disposed in an appropriate manner within six month of finalizing the response to the disclosure request.

Other Matters

For other unclear matters, please inquire from our web site.

Inquiry from the web site

When inquiring from our web site, access from here (English language only).
* We will handle the inquiries received on weekends, holidays, or our non-business days in the order in which they were received from the following business day.