Company Outline

This page introduces the company outline and the financial data of Hoyu.

Hoyu Co., Ltd. Company Outline

Company Name Hoyu Co., Ltd.
Head Office 501 Tokugawa 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 461-8650, Japan
Foundation 1905
Establishment March, 1923
Capital 98 million yen
President Makio Mizuno
Employees 1,054 (as of February 1, 2020)
Business Manufacture and distribution of hair coloring products, hair-care products, and home medical supplies
Main Financing Banks Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Risona Bank
List of Main Countries and Regions Where We do Business USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, UK, France, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.

Financial Data (Settling of Accounts: Oct. 31, 2019)

Operating Income
Operating Income
Net Assets
Owned Capital
Total Assets
Total Assets
  • ※1 Total assets and net assets in fiscal year 2018 decreased due to the distribution in kind of Kracie Holdings' common stock held by the company to the holding company Hoyu Holdings, Inc.
  • ※2 The scope of consolidation covers subsidiaries directly controlled by Hoyu Co., Ltd. (excluding subsidiaries of insufficient scale or other standard).
  • ※ 3 The financial statements for overseas consolidated subsidiaries are consolidated based on the IFRS -International Financial Reporting Standards (US: GAAP). As a result, a portion of the amount previously recorded as expenses have been deducted from FY2019 sales.