A message from current Hoyu president, Mr. Makio Mizuno.

President, Makio Mizuno

Endeavouring to be perpetually loved company, Hoyu.

Hoyu was established in 1905 as MIZUNO KANKUDOU, a manufacturer of home medical supplies. Being more than 100 years since we marketed our first hair color product "NIWAKARASU" in 1909, we have evolved to become a manufacturer of hair care products, specializing in hair color products, and our desire to deliver products which make our customers "look younger, attain beauty, and stay healthy" is still strong after all these years.
Our consumer product brands such as "Bigen", "CIELO","Beautylabo", and our professional-use product brand "PROMASTER", etc., have all gained in popularity with our customers.

In 2005, Hoyu celebrated its 100th anniversary and updated its corporate logo and slogan. Our new corporate slogan, COLOR YOUR HEART, expresses Hoyu’s corporate ideal of continuing to provide products and services which color not only our customers’ outward appearance, but also generates a "rich inner beauty coming from the heart."

Not only in Japan, but worldwide, Hoyu aims to promote a global strategy in order to develop the hair color market, and to enhance our position in the worldwide market. We will continue to strengthen our product development, productivity and marketing skills in order to provide customers with safe and high quality products.
We ask for your continued understanding and support of hoyu.

Makio Mizuno