Concepts in Our Logo

The Hoyu logo was redesigned in 2005 to reflect our thoughts regarding customers, products, and services.

About Our Logo


Founded in 1905, Hoyu Co., Ltd. marked the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2005.
On that occasion, in order to strongly express its thoughts and wishes, Hoyu changed its corporate logo as of April 1st, 2005.
Our new logo, we express our enthusiasm to "challenge together hand in hand with friends" and to "strengthen relationships with customers and business partners" that are the basic concept of the name, "Hoyu."

About Our Corporate Slogan


Since its foundation in 1905, Hoyu has been wishing our customers to have a spiritually rich and fulfilled life.
In 2005, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Hoyu set the new corporate slogan, "COLOR YOUR HEART."
Our new corporate slogan, COLOR YOUR HEART, expresses Hoyu’s corporate ideal of continuing to provide products and services which color not only our customers’ outward appearance, but also generates a "rich inner beauty coming from the heart."